The Imaginary Adoption Site Association

I would like to officially announce the creation of The Imaginary Adoption Site Association! If you have a website where Imaginary Animals can be adopted, rescued, fostered, or cared for , you can join The Imaginary Adoption Site Association! Members can help each other with ideas and collaborate. Scroll to see the current list of members. Update: We now have a website: (

You can join the Association by entering a comment here:

Members so far:

The Magical Animal Adoption Center

(, owned by Drleevezan

Imaginary Pet Association

(, owned by Coda G.

Dragon Rescue Facility

(, owned by Ava W.

Imaginary Pet Academy

(, owned by Maddie T.

The Imaginary Pet Rescue

(, owned by Violet

The Magical Or Non-Magical Super Incubation Adoption Center

(, owned by E.A. (also known as Jimy85)

Imaginary Pet Adoption

(, owned by Madi

Site Updates:

The Imaginary Pet Rescue is now offering volunteering at their shelter!