More Sprites!

Madi, who has previously sent us two Lightning Sprites to put up for adoption, has recently sent us 16 Sprites: 3 Water Sprites, 8 Earth Sprites, and 5 Air Sprites! Here is the e-mail sent to us:

“It would be great if you could take my 8 earth sprites, 3 water sprites and 5 air sprites! There names are:
(earth) Moony, Rocky, Jewel, Garnet, Muddy, Sasha, Violet and Lili!
(water) Tiger Lily, Firestone, Misty!
(air) Windy, Lucy, Bopper, Cocoa, Speckles!!!

Moony, Garnet, Muddy, Windy, Sasha, Violet, Lili, Misty, Lucy, and Cocoa and girls!
Rocky, Jewel, Tiger Lily, Firestone, Bopper, and Speckles are boys!”

If you would like to adopt any of them, tell us below!
And remember, you have to believe in our Magical Creatures to see them!

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