Thoriy the Thunderbird-Adopted!

Thoriy the Thunderbird has been adopted!


Thoriy the Thunderbird was found, hurt, in the middle of the woods, by our Magical Creature Animal Rescue Team. We brought him back to The Center, where we discovered that his wing was sprained. We fixed it, and then inquired about how he had hurt his wing. Apparently, he had been looking for a place to build his nest, and was so distracted that he flew into a tree and hurt his wing. Thoriy still needs a place to build a nest, and now that his wing is healed, we are adopting him out to someone who can provide him with a place to build his nest. If you would like to adopt Thoriy, tell us below!


And remember, you have to believe in our Magical Creatures to see them!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the contest to adopt the Lightning Sprite! The contest ends on February 26!



3 thoughts on “Thoriy the Thunderbird-Adopted!”

  1. I have been adopting many animals and magical creatures… and also, may I take Thiory in for adoption as well? I have this huge, unused Banyan tree with leaves, sticks, and anything for a thunderbird near it. I have also researched a ton on thunderbirds so I know how to take care of him… may I take him in?

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