Bluppers the Merp-Adopted!

Bluppers the Merp has been adopted!


Bluppers the Merp was sent to us by Ava W., owner of The Dragon Rescue Facility, dedicated to rescuing dragons (here’s the site:

Here is the message he was sent with: “Hi! I was walking a few dragons around the park and we spotted a Merp lying on the path. Merps are little blob-like creatures that eat anything, and drink mostly hot cocoa. He’s a pale orange color, and I can draw him and E-mail the picture to you if you like. I’ve started calling him Bluppers, but you can change that name if you want. I hope you are doing well,

If you would like to adopt Bluppers, tell us below!

And remember, you have to believe in our Magical Creatures to see them!


P.S. If you have a Magical Creature that needs to be adopted, send him to us through this page:

P.P.S. Don’t forget to enter the contest to adopt The Lightning Sprite!



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