Chim-Chim the Mini-Chimera-Adopted!

Chim-Chim has been adopted!


Chim-Chim the Mini-Chimera was found in a dog shelter. Someone had seen his Lion Head peeking out from an alleyway and had mistaken him for a dog or cat, and they had lured him into a cage. Realizing their mistake, they quickly gave Chim-Chim to a dog shelter out of fear that his Dragon Head would roast them (not knowing, apparently, that Mini-Chimeras can’t breathe fire!) . The dog shelter wasn’t sure what to do with him, so they called The Center, and we came at once. Now Chim-Chim is looking for a new place to live! Chim-Chim’s three heads sometimes operate separately from each other, with some being asleep and some being awake at different times. Chim-Chim is the name of the Mini-Chimera as a whole, his Lion Head is named Leo, his Goat Head is named Baa-Baa, his Dragon Head is named Toasty, and his Snake Head/Tail is named William. Leo likes to eat hamburger meat, raw or cooked, and likes to drink milk. Toasty likes to eat toast (hence his name!) and likes to drink spicy pepper juice. William likes to eat cheese and english muffins with strawberry jam, and likes to drink tea. And Baa-Baa will eat and drink almost anything! (Chim-Chim will be Magically Teleported to whoever adopts him with all of these things!). One last thing: Chim-Chim is only slightly bigger than a house cat, like all Mini-Chimeras. He is nearly fully grown, and when he is fully grown, he will be about three-feet long. Also, Chim-Chim is very curious, so be sure to take him on walks (or rather, on flies for Chim-Chim!) so he can explore! Note: When Chim-Chim is startled, he may kick, so try not to startle him!

If you would like to adopt Chim-Chim, please tell us below!

And remember, you have to believe in our Magical Creatures to see them!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter in the Lightning Sprite contest! The Lightning Sprite can barely wait to see who wins!


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