Toot-Toot the Grem-mini

Toot-Toot the Grem-mini was found making his nest in the engine of our plane (which we use to rescue Magical Creatures internationally). Grem-minis, which are basically two to four inch tall Gremlins, make their nests in any kind of mechanical engine, causing the engine (and the mechanical item) to stop working. There are three types of Grem-minis: Air, Clockwork, and Digital. Air Grem-minis typically make their nests in airplanes, but will also make them in anything with an engine that is at least slightly similar, for example, a car. Clockwork Grem-minis like to make their nests in clocks or anything with similar clockwork mechanisms. Digital Grem-minis, (also known as Computer Grem-minis), will make their nests in anything digital, and they have the extraordinary ability to pixelize themselves and live in the coding of the digital item. They can transfer themselves to other digital items via the internet, for example, through e-mails, text messages, social media sites, and downloads and uploads from one network to another. Toot-Toot is an Air Grem-mini, and we named him Toot-Toot after the sound he makes: “Toot-Toot!”. After we explained to Toot-Toot that if he made his nest in our plane, we would not be able to rescue any Magical Creatures far away, he seemed to understand, but wasn’t sure where else he should make his nest. So we are putting him up for adoption to someone who has an old engine for any kind of vehicle, snow blower, lawn mower, tractor, or anything similar that they are not using and are okay with it having a nest in it. If you would like to adopt Toot-Toot, tell us below! Grem-minis do not appear in pictures, but just imagine a cute, tiny little gremlin, and that’s what Toot-Toot looks like! If you would like to adopt Toot-Toot, tell us below!

Note: if you do not get a reply on any of your adoption requests within four days, please e-mail it to us at: Also, if you like this site, help more Magical Creatures get adopted by liking us on Google+:

And remember, you have to believe in our Magical Creatures to see them!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the contest to adopt the Lightning Sprite! To quote the Lightning Sprite: “Whooooopeeeeee!”


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