More Sprites!

Madi, who has previously sent us two Lightning Sprites to put up for adoption, has recently sent us 16 Sprites: 3 Water Sprites, 8 Earth Sprites, and 5 Air Sprites! Here is the e-mail sent to us:

“It would be great if you could take my 8 earth sprites, 3 water sprites and 5 air sprites! There names are:
(earth) Moony, Rocky, Jewel, Garnet, Muddy, Sasha, Violet and Lili!
(water) Tiger Lily, Firestone, Misty!
(air) Windy, Lucy, Bopper, Cocoa, Speckles!!!

Moony, Garnet, Muddy, Windy, Sasha, Violet, Lili, Misty, Lucy, and Cocoa and girls!
Rocky, Jewel, Tiger Lily, Firestone, Bopper, and Speckles are boys!”

If you would like to adopt any of them, tell us below!
And remember, you have to believe in our Magical Creatures to see them!

Lightning Sprites!

A viewer of our website and Sprite enthusiast, Madi, has recently sent us two incredibly rare Lightning Sprites to be put up for adoption for the rest of our viewers! Unlike before, we will not be having a contest, but they will be up for adoption normally. It is only one Lightning Sprite per person, so one person can not adopt both of the Lightning Sprites. The two Lightning Sprites are named Hopper and Berry, Berry is a female, Hopper is a male. Hopper and Berry were sent to us along with this e-mail:

Ok! I also just got 22 of my sprites adopted! I am not a breeder or adoption center, but I am moving and i’m moving to an apartment. I have about 46 sprites, including my 2 rare lightning sprites!! I was wondering if you would like to take my pair of lightning sprites, Hopper and Berry, and get them adopted!” (sent by Madi)

We agreed, and now the Lightning Sprites are up for adoption at The Center!

If you would like to adopt Hopper or Berry, tell us below!

Update: Berry has been adopted!

And remember, you have to believe in our Magical Creatures to see them!

Sprite Care Tips

A viewer of our website, Madi, asked if we could post some Sprite Care tips. So, here they are!

  • Never, ever keep Sprites in a cage. Sprites must always be free to fly around and explore.
  • If a Sprite’s wing is damaged, it is possible to fix it. If it is a tear in the wing, gently hold the two pieces of wing together and make a splint (making out of leaves will work best) to hold the wing together until it heals. If you have Sprite Sap, a type of sap that cures and heals Sprites very quickly, spread that on the Sprites wing before making the splint for it. If the wing comes off entirely, the same method as above will work, just hold the wing to the Sprite’s body instead of  holding the two pieces of wing together. If a Sprite’s wing is wet, (unless it is a Water Sprite, Mud Sprite, Lightning Sprite, Snow Sprite, or Storm Sprite, which can all be very wet without consequence), let the wing dry off before letting the Sprite fly again.
  • If a Sprite is sick, the best cure is to give it Sprite Sap, which should heal it within an hour or two. If you do not have Sprite Sap, treat the Sprite just as you would treat a human or pet who is sick.
  • Never grab a Sprite in a hand or net. Always let the Sprite land on your hand if you want to see it up close or move it somewhere.
  • And finally, always treat your Sprites with kindness and respect.

If anyone needs any more advice on Sprite Care or Care of Any Magical Creatures, contact us!


And remember, you have to believe in our Magical Creatures to see them!

The Imaginary Adoption Site Association!

The Magical Animal Adoption Center has created and joined The Imaginary Adoption Site Association! The Imaginary Adoption Site Association is an association for Imaginary Animal Adoption Sites, (such as this one). Members so far are The Magical Animal Adoption Center, owned by me, Drleevezan, The Imaginary Pet Association, owned by Coda G., The Dragon Rescue Facility, owned by Ava W., The Imaginary Pet Academy, owned by Maddie T., The Imaginary Pet Rescue, owned by Violet, and The Magical Or Non-Magical Super Incubation Adoption Center, owned by E.A.. If you have an Imaginary Animal Adoption Site and would like to join or get more information about The Imaginary Adoption Site Association, see this page:

And remember, you have to believe in our Magical Creatures to see them!